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The ACT Matrix is probably best described as a simple tool that has many uses. You can gain insights into your behaviors, thoughts and feelings with it. You can help others gain insights into theirs. You can even help organizations with it. 

Your first step is to learn the basics of the tool, and then practice a bit. The easiest way to do that is to sign up to the free training below.

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Stepping Through The Quadrants Of The ACT Matrix

Stepping Through The ProSocial Matrix For Workgroups

Welcome To The ACT Matrix Academy!

I'm dedicated to teaching you the ACT Matrix (and the ProSocial Matrix). I gave both the ACT and ProSocial Matrixes to the world. You are welcome to use them to help yourself and others. Please give me credit for them if you can.

I'm a clinical psychologist, business consultant, and a peer-reviewed ACT trainer.

I've co-authored two books on using the ACT Matrix and I'm currently working on a book about the ProSocial Matrix.

I do online and in-person training to professionals and organizations around the world.

I host several online ACT-Matrix consulting groups, and a ProSocial Business Consulting Mastermind.

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Next Webinar: The ACT Matrix Meets "The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F**k"

Dr. Polk will cover the main points of Sarah Knight's book and how her ideas can dovetail nicely with daily ACT Matrix practice.

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Mastermind Group

The Business Consulting Mastermind is a group of highly motivated ACT and ProSocial Matrix users who have the common goal of helping people in organizations cooperate and do their best work.

In the Mastermind we learn from each other about ProSocial Matrix work and how to go about marketing our services.

I've been doing Internet marketing for 20 years, so I can put you on a fast track to success on the world wide web.

Find out more about this dynamic group during a free call with Dr. Polk. 

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Phil Tenaglia (Philadelphia)

"Whether you are a helper, educator or business/ organizational professional,
Dr. Polk's fabulous training and website will provide you with effective
and powerful tools to get you where you want to go.

I have worked and trained with Kevin for many years. Kevin always over-delivers. He's always there for consultation and guidance. The matrix allows me to "make a difference" each day on a personal and professional level.

I have gone on to train individuals and groups of all ages and witnessed the power of the ACT Matrix to change lives and relationships.

Do yourself and those you serve a favor and enroll in the ACT Matrix Academy. It is a beautiful, empowering gift you can give to yourself and others.”

Phil Tenaglia
School Psychologist
Family Therapist
ProSocial Matrix Trainer

Donna Read (Denver)

“I’ve been using the ACT Matrix created by Dr. Polk for at least five years now as part of my clinical and consulting practices and am adept at using the Matrix. The Matrix is a flexible and deceptively simple tool that can be used in pretty much every situation where people want to move toward their goals in spite of the stuff holding them back. As a member of the ProSocial Matrix Professional Development Program, I have deepened and broadened my skills and become part of a vibrant, supportive community working diligently to bring the Matrix into the world. In addition, being part of our Matrix tribe has increased my focus, productivity, and given me a strong belief in my ability to make a difference wherever I use it.   

As for you, joining the Matrix Professional Development Program will provide you with the benefits of having Dr. Polk as a mentor and precious resource as well as of membership in a vibrant, supportive community of professionals working together to bring society to a higher level of consciousness. You can only gain by joining our program.”

Donna C. Read, MA, CCTP, CCP

Consultant/Coach/ Psychotherapist
Doctoral Candidate, Leadership and Organizational/Personal Transformation
ProSocial/Matrix Professional Trainer

Cliff Jekel (D.C.)

"When I first enrolled in the ACT Matrix Academy I considered myself a student. As a lifelong learner I am always interested in expanding my horizons.

But as time has gone on, I am starting to feel more like a convert! The ACT Matrix is so flexible, so elegant, so powerful, and so relevant in almost every situation, that I am now using it as the context for all my coaching, consulting, and personal development work.

No matter what your personal or professional goals, I cannot imagine you won't be inspired and energized by developing a deep level of comfort and facility with the ACT Matrix. And I am confident there is no more direct way to do that than by committing yourself to the ACT Matrix Academy. For me it was one of the best moves I have made in a very long time."

Coach and ProSocial Matrix Trainer

More Information

The ACT Matrix is a tool for increasing psychological flexibility.

The ProSocial Matrix is and awesome tool for increasing workplace safety and resiliency.

In the The ProSocial Mastermind members learn how to make a good living while teaching the ProSocial Matrix to businesses and organizations around the world.

We learn how to get better and better at engaging businesses and organizations with the ProSocial Matrix.

You can join the ProSocial Mastermind by clicking below. There is only one low lifetime fee.

More About ProSocial Mastermind

On-Site Workshops

Drs. Polk travels the world doing On-Ground Workshops. These are usually two-day events.

[email protected]

Level 1: Introduction to the Matrix. You and your guests will learn how to set up the ACT Matrix and how to invite people to sort their life story and increase psychological flexibility.

Level 2: Going deeper. In this 2-day training participants will learn Verbal Aikido skills.
How to deal with difficult people.
Working with sticky words.

Level 3: Advanced--Using the ACT Matrix and Verbal Aikido to increase Psychological Safety with:
And More...

Participants will learn how to effectively use the ACT Matrix right away. Many past participants have effectively used the matrix when seeing clients that evening.

Email [email protected]

Workplace Training

Do you have a workplace that wants to reach for the stars?

Maybe you have a workplace that has been hurt by investigations that have left everyone distrustful and bitter?

Is your workplace struggling to be truly diverse and inclusive?

Let us come in and get your workers on track to maximum success. They will be working well together and loving that they do after just a few ProSocial Matrix meetings.

Dr. Polk will come to your workplace and do ProSocial Matrix training.

Level 1: We introduce one of your work groups to the ProSocial Matrix and how to define shared purposes and increase both worker morale and productivity.

Level 2: We show the workgroup how to use a skill called Verbal Aikido to solve difficult situations and prevent difficulties in the first place.

Level 3: We train you team how to train others in using the ProSocial Matrix.

Email [email protected]