Learn how to use the ACT Matrix for Psychological Flexibility and the ProSocial Matrix for Psychological Safety (scroll down to enter the free drawing).

While the "matrix" does many things, at its core it helps people and organizations more easily adapt to change. Also, if you practice the matrix for about 90 seconds a day, you'll end up with fulfilled living. Click on Einstein's nose and you will learn the basics.


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The ACT Matrix and ProSocial Matrix Training

The ACT Matrix is a tool for increasing psychological flexibility.

The ProSocial Matrix is and awesome tool for increasing workplace safety and resiliency.

In the The ProSocial Mastermind members learn how to make a good living while teaching the ProSocial Matrix to businesses and organizations around the world.

We learn how to get better and better at engaging businesses and organizations with the ProSocial Matrix.

You can join the ProSocial Mastermind by clicking below. There is only one low lifetime fee.

More About ProSocial Mastermind

On-Site Workshops

Drs. Polk travels the world doing On-Ground Workshops. These are usually two-day events.

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Level 1: Introduction to the Matrix. You and your guests will learn how to set up the ACT Matrix and how to invite people to sort their life story and increase psychological flexibility.

Level 2: Going deeper. In this 2-day training participants will learn Verbal Aikido skills.
How to deal with difficult people.
Working with sticky words.

Level 3: Advanced--Using the ACT Matrix and Verbal Aikido to increase Psychological Safety with:
And More...

Participants will learn how to effectively use the ACT Matrix right away. Many past participants have effectively used the matrix when seeing clients that evening.

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Workplace Training

Do you have a workplace that wants to reach for the stars?

Maybe you have a workplace that has been hurt by investigations that have left everyone distrustful and bitter?

Is your workplace struggling to be truly diverse and inclusive?

Let us come in and get your workers on track to maximum success. They will be working well together and loving that they do after just a few ProSocial Matrix meetings.

Dr. Polk will come to your workplace and do ProSocial Matrix training.

Level 1: We introduce one of your work groups to the ProSocial Matrix and how to define shared purposes and increase both worker morale and productivity.

Level 2: We show the workgroup how to use a skill called Verbal Aikido to solve difficult situations and prevent difficulties in the first place.

Level 3: We train you team how to train others in using the ProSocial Matrix.

Email [email protected]

Diversity Training in the Workplace

The ProSocial Matrix works with any human with language.

Far beyond teaching what diversity is, the ProSocial Matrix engages your diverse employees in a collaborative process that naturally respects all nationalities, ethnic backgrounds, religious beliefs, etc.

If you have been struggling with developing a truly diverse workforce, let us come train your staff in the ProSocial Matrix. 

Level 1: We introduce your diverse workgroup to the ProSocial Matrix and show them how to develop dynamic shared purposes within the context of diversity.

Level 2: We show your diverse workgroup how to work through difficult issues using the ProSocial matrix and a skill called Verbal Aikido.

Level 3: We show a group of diverse employees how to train other workgroups in using the ProSocial Matrix and Verbal Aikido. 

Email [email protected]

The ACT Matrix is a Simple Tool For Finding Meaning And Purpose In All Walks Of Life.

Acceptance and Commitment Training/Therapy (ACT) is an an evidenced-based way of helping you let go of struggling and get moving toward valued living. The ACT Matrix is easy to learn, yet infinite in meaning.

The "Matrix" is a 2x2 grid (or matrix) that is formed by crossing two lines.

You can see a picture of it on this page. The matrix is a diagram for engaging people in the ACT process. You look at the diagram and answer four very simple questions. Then you sort your answers onto the matrix.

What you need to do for who and what's important becomes clear to you.

The stuff that has been showing up and getting in the way has much less power over you. You quickly start learning how to add meaning to your life.

Engaging people in the ACT process with the matrix is very different that teaching them about ACT. After only a minute or two with the matrix people begin learning how see their lives from a flexible point of view. With this point of view people can quickly learn how to move in valued directions, even while they are having fear, pain or other unpleasant feelings.

Think of the ACT Matrix as shooting baskets by yourself. You focus on your senses for successful shooting.

You also focus on your mind and let go of the fear of missing and such.

You learn how to move toward making baskets.

You learn how to effectively move away from uncomfortable stuff that gets in the way of making baskets.

The ProSocial Matrix Tool Continues the ACT Matrix

The ProSocial Matrix is used with two or more people.

The couple or group answers four additional simple questions and sorts the answers onto the 2x2 matrix. They gain what is known as psychological safety. With increased psychological safety they can more easily move toward shared purposes while positively dealing with interpersonal obstacles. 

With the ProSocial Matrix you have progressed from shooting baskets alone to working as a team. 

Far beyond just winning the team focuses on camaraderie, sharing, building each other up and more. 

More than anything they focus on, in the words of Bobby Knight, "The willingness to prepare to win."

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