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Patrick Kailey

Patrick Kailey is a teacher and coach who uses the Matrix to help students and scholars improve their academic performance and wellness. A lifelong learner (he racked up 2 Master’s degrees and a PhD before becoming a high school teacher), Patrick knows the academic journey can be tough. The ACT Matrix can help you through. 

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Christal Ramanauskas, OT Reg(Alberta), MScOT

Christal Ramanauskas is an assistant clinical lecturer in the Department of Occupational Therapy at the University of Alberta, where she teaches a variety of topics in mental and physical health, provides clinical supervision to role-emerging fieldwork placements, and has a focused interest in translating Contextual Behavioral Science (CBS) to the practice of Occupational Therapy. She is an administrator of the ACBS OT Special Interest Group. In addition to exploring the exciting possibilities between CBS and OT,  Christal enjoys bicycling, a good cup of coffee, and spending time outdoors with her family.

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Dr. Evan Parks

Evan serves as an adjunct assistant professor at Michigan State University College of Human Medicine and is on staff at Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Evan helps people get the information they need to manage chronic pain by providing neuroscience education in everyday language at https://painrehabsource.com/

Evan founded Equip To Empower, LLC where he consults with businesses, schools, and non-profit organizations helping them use psychological flexibility skills to build strong relationships at work, school and home. He spent 15 years living in Budapest, Hungary traveling throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Central Asia teaching about mental health and intervening in crisis situations for humanitarian organizations.

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Lutz Schmidt (Frankfurt, Germany)

Lutz is a Martial Arts Expert with a 6th Dan Black Belt in Wing Fight, Focusing Trainer, and Performance Mindset Coach. He uses the ACT Matrix in his Martial Arts Groups for Children, Adults and on One on One Sessions to build situational awareness and for emotional growth and safety. 
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Dr. Rachael Skews

is a lecturer in occupational psychology at the Institute of Management Studies at Goldsmiths, University of London. Before joining the IMS, Rachael worked in business consultancy with a range of clients from industries across the private, public, and third sectors, both in the UK and internationally.

Rachael’s research focuses on performance and development coaching, investigating the effectiveness of coaching interventions using coaching informed by Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).

She is the Programme Director for the MSc in Occupational Psychology and PGCert in Coaching programmes, and the convenor for postgraduate research at the IMS.

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Krystyna Kidson (Sydney, Australia)

Krystyna is a psychologist, resilience coach and Matrix trainer. She helps not-for-profit, social enterprise and faith-sector leaders and teams master the stress, isolation and responsibility of their roles, so they can get on with the business of transforming others' lives (and their own!) more meaningfully, effectively and sustainably.  
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Sharon Small (California) 

Sharon is an expert helping therapists and coaches apply new language models to their client sessions.  She has been using  the Pro-Social matrix for several years as a way of enhancing course room learning and group development. 
Her love of innovation, creative solutions and diligence in learning makes her a perfect travel companion on your journey to improve your work, your life and your sense of self.
Sharon is an internationally recognized Clean Language Facilitator, Assessor, and trainer who brings innovative solutions to her training room and client services.  
She is a charter member of the pro-social mastermind.
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Linda Hamilton

Linda is certified as an ACT Matrix Coach and a Certified Substance Abuse Counselor. She specializes in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Compassion Focused Therapy in Recovery, and Mindful Self-compassion, she facilitates Substance Abuse Groups for adults and adolescents, and hosts many in-person and online workshops. 

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Pam Noble

Pam is a Counsellor who uses the Matrix with her clients. It is an inspiration to see how it works with clients and to watch the psychological flexibility happening in sessions.

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Gail Farmer, MBA, MA

Gail is a seasoned trainer and educator with a focus on improving workplace relationships through Values-Based Communication. She uses the ProSocial Matrix with individuals and teams to manage conflict and promote collaboration.

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Julie Allen (Ireland)

Julie is a business improvement specialist who uses the Pro-Social Matrix and the ACT Matrix with individuals and organisations to help them identify what is important to live meaningful, fulfilled lives and work better together. Julie is a charter member of the ProSocial Matrix Mastermind.

Julie's Web Page

Elena Zaklis, BCBA, LBA (McLean, Virginia)...

...is a board certified behavior analyst. She uses the Pro-Social matrix and the ACT matrix process with individuals and groups to help them identify their values, achieve meaningful outcomes and work collaboratively.  Elena is a charter member of the ProSocial Matrix Mastermind. 

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Mallika Kripalani (Singapore)

Mallika is a Mindfulness, ACT and Prosocial Matrix facilitator. She uses these modalities to work with multinationals, small and medium enterprises, and individuals, to empower people for success. She works in Singapore and Asia. 
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Phil Tenaglia, M.S. (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA )

Phil is an expert at transforming difficult classrooms into thriving learning environments. He has been using the ProSocial Matrix since its beginning in 2010. Phil is a family therapist who brings the PMCP to school administrators, teachers, and students. He is Chair of the Certification Committee. He is a charter member of the ProSocial Matrix Mastermind. 

Phil is a certification mentor.

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Donna Read, Ph.D. (Denver, Colorado, USA)

Donna uses the "Matrix" to help solve thorny international problems. She has been using the ProSocial Matrix since its inception. She is a member of the certification committee. Beyond using the PMCP in international relations, she is a charter member of the ProSocial Matrix Mastermind.

Donna is a certification mentor. Here website is:


Ron Pizzo (Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada)

Ron is an attorney who uses the PMCP to coach leadership and teams to improve workplace culture and resolve conflicts. Ron is a charter member of the ProSocial Matrix Mastermind.

Julie Beaulac, Ph.D. (Ottowa, Ontario, Canada)

Julie is a clinical psychologist who uses the PMCP with busy professionals. She also combines the PMCP with yoga and mindfulness. Julie is a charter member of the ProSocial Matrix Mastermind.

Julie is a certification mentor.

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Kevin Polk, Ph.D. (Hallowell, Maine, USA)

Kevin is the principal creator of the ACT Matrix and the creator of the ProSocial Matrix. He is the founder of the ACT Matrix Academy. He is a member of the certification committee.

Craig Kennedy's...

...over 30 years experience as a manager, entrepreneur, and trainer provide him with extensive knowledge and unique skills in planning, organizational and personal development and workflow management.

Craig's experience as a manager, entrepreneur, and trainer provide him with extensive knowledge and unique skills in planning, organizational and personal development and interpersonal communication.

He has worked with small business owners, managers, and executives who want to enjoy both career success and an extraordinary personal life. His work spans industries as diverse as health care, technology, nonprofits, government, professional services and postsecondary education. He has trained with Coach University, the world's leading coach training organization. As well he has worked as a Executive Coach with Knightsbridge Human Capital Solutions, Parachute Executive Coaching and Peak Experiences.

Craig was the Founder of the Nova Scotia Chapter of the International Coaching Federation (ICF). He is a sought after trainer and facilitator, specializing in personal workflow management, team development and effective interpersonal communications as well as Open Space Technology, Pro-Social Matrix and World Cafe. He has been featured in national publications such as Chatelaine Magazine and Reader's Digest and appeared on numerous local and national radio talk shows.

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