The Quick Business Matrix Mastermind

Start Building Your Online Business...Without a Website (or Hours Scrolling Social Media)!

  • Start Building Your Online Business Today!

    • Tuesday Crowdcast Mastermind at 1 PM EST USA.
    • Thursday Crowdcast Mastermind at 1 PM EST USA.
    • We help you discover the perfect niche for your business.
    • We help you write catchy subject lines for your emails.
    • We help you write catchy titles for your Crowdcasts.
    • We help you leverage social media without spending time gaining followers or writing content
    • We help you stay motivated and moving toward your success.

    This kind of help with online entrepreneurship would easily cost you anywhere from $5,000 to $20,000 just to get started. We just don't operate that way.

You Will...

  • Discover the perfect Niche for your business.

A niche is a group of people you want to do business with. It's easy for you to talk to that group of people and write catchy titles for webinars and such.

  • You will write catchy subject lines for your emails.


The subject line's "job" is to get the email opened by a person in your business niche.

  • You Will Get Started On Crowdcast.

We will teach you how to use Crowdcast to build your email list and business quickly.

Your Crowdcast needs a title that gets people to sign up for your Crowdcast. 


  • We help use Facebook to get people signed up for your Crowdcasts.

We will teach you how to use FB to find and market your niche (without spending hours writing content or gaining followers!). 

We will teach you how to find what you need on social media, get in, avoid distractions, drop your content and get out - like creating a list for the grocery store and sticking to it. 

  • We help you get and stay motivated, without getting distracted.

How We Are Different From Other Online Training

We are psychologists and behavior analysts who are experienced in knowing how to help you quickly (and easily) analyze your target audience's behaviors for maximum effect.

Unlike others, we are experts at influencing. The bottom line is we know how to get your niche motivated with a simple, sustainable process that you will learn and make your own.

You may already know that a lot of stuff will show up inside of you and get in the way of quickly setting up your online business. We will show you how to use the Quick Business Matrix to stay motivated, find niches, write headlines, leverage social media (without spending time in social media), and much more, without a website. 

This kind of help with online entrepreneurship would easily cost you anywhere from $5,000 to $20,000 just to get started. We just don't operate that way.

You also get exclusive access to our Quick Business Matrix Course!

Always there for learning and inspiration 24/365.

In the course and training, you will learn "What It Takes To Get You and Your Business Where You Want To Go."

You may have heard many cherished aspects that are frequently "must have's" for creating your online business that we address. There are also tons of "shiny objects" out there that can suck up your time and have you chasing your tail.

Our promise to you is that we will keep it simple and sustainable. We call it being honest because once you can see what it takes, your path becomes easier. It's like having the cheat code for your favorite video game. You still have to do the work, but you spend less time fighting battles and going on quests that lead nowhere.

Some Frequently Asked Questions We Have Heard:

"Don't I have to have a website first?".

The answer is "absolutely not." What you need is a place where customers come to learn about what you have to offer. We will show you how to make Crowdcast your home and one-stop-shop for your business needs. If you already have a website, Crowdcast will make what you are doing that much better.

"How much time do I need to spend on social media?"

You can spend as much time as you like with social media, but it is unnecessary to have a thriving online business. Social media has its place, but it is much less important than you think. 

"What if I know next to nothing about technology and software?" 

We have you covered on this one. Crowdcast and a solid email account are all you need to get up and running. What you will add is practice. We provide the personalized, guided training that you need.

"Don't I have to create a whole course/product before I begin?"

Ah, this is the one that stumps most folks who don't get as far as you have come by simply reading this. The answer to this will be your learning the Basic Form of the Prosocial Matrix. Our process is based on the science of what works. The Prosocial Matrix unlocks the "magic," and you will be creating as much content as you want since it works for any situations you can imagine. 

" marketing companies and gurus say I need all of this stuff?"

Yes, they do. They are in business too. Our way of doing business is different. We practice what we train you and others to do every day. As psychologists working to help others, our shared purpose is to make a difference for those we serve. We have helped many individuals and groups along the way. Tina, who you will meet below, is one of them...

Tina's Story: How I started (and grew) a new, sustainable business online in only a few weeks during a pandemic. 
In a year that many people would describe as horrible, isolating, the worst year ever, etc... I found connection, accountability, purpose, and a new business (while running an already successful behavior analysis practice and raising two babies).

The simple, sustainable process that Kevin and Phil offer got me there and now keeps me going. Here's how:

    ◦    I stumbled upon Kevin and Phil in April or May of 2020 and thought I’d found a cool process (the ACT Matrix) to wrap my brain around RFT and ACT, with a way to apply both in my behavior analysis practice finally. 
    ◦   I started meeting with Kevin and Phil in the Mastermind twice a week to have real conversations (not just listen to their presentations) about building an online business with a few simple tools. What I’ve gained through this process has changed what I do and how I do life, personally and professionally, and given me the peace and time (literally more minutes in my day) to do things I’ve only pondered as “maybe one day.......”
    ◦    “Chop wood, carry water...” Kevin and Phil offer a process that is simple, replicable, sustainable, and effective. Watch their process, try it out, and see for yourself. 
    ◦    “Hungry audience...” Kevin says that the secret to a successful restaurant is a hungry audience, and Kevin and Phil helped me find the hungry audience looking for what I’m offering. That same audience keeps me learning, growing, and creating.
    ◦    Find your niche: My first webinar got over 300 registrants. It was not by magic, but because Kevin and Phil helped me identify a small group of people I thought would like to hear what I have to say. I found a few places to share it, clicked “Post,” and watched in awe as people showed up to see what I was doing. 
    ◦    Keep the channel open......Since then, over 2000 people have registered for my free and paid webinars. I show up, repeat the steps, and keep the channel open. I continue to meet with Kevin and Phil twice a week, ask for guidance, brainstorm ideas, and schedule crowdcasts and emails. 
    ◦    If you want to build a sustainable online business, follow the process. Chop wood, carry water. The Matrix will help you get there. Kevin and Phil will be the guides on your journey. The value of what Kevin and Phil offer is far beyond the dollar amount that you’ll pay and can’t be matched by any other “business coaches” in the industry. 
 - Tina Long, Licensed Behavior Analyst, ACT Matrix Trainer (
Session Topics Each Month:
Week 1
Session 1: Choosing Your Email Provider
Session 2: Setting Up Your Account
Week 2 
Session 3: Setting Up Your Crowdcast Account
Session 4: Setting Up Your First Crowdcast
Week 3
Session 5: Finding Your Niche
Session 6: Writing Emails and Webinar Titles for Your Niche
Week 4
Session 7: Monetizing Your Crowdcasts
Session 8: Monetizing Your Crowdcasts
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