The ProSocial Matrix Professional Development Program

Primary Shared Purposes of the ProSocial Matrix Professional Development Program:

  1. For you to become a Master Matrix Practitioner.
  2. For you to become a Master Matrix Trainer.
  3. For you to become a Master Matrix Marketer.
  4. For you to make a good income while helping organizations.
  5. For you to have a great life/work balance.
  6. The group to works collaboratively to spread the ProSocial Matrix to organizations around the world.
  7. We are ProSocial. We help each other.
  8. We are kind and benevolent. 

Members tend to get more mindful, centered and focused.

In this program, you will receive very advanced ACT and ProSocial Matrix training.

Beginners are VERY welcome and will be trained with kindness.

You get tons of support from your fellow Mastermind students.

You can always schedule a time with Dr. Polk to find out more. Use this link: