Virtual ACT Matrix Bootcamp

Join Us for the
Virtual ACT Matrix Bootcamp
(and optional certification)
that will
Transform Your Life
(and those you work with). 

You will see how, almost immediately,
to apply what you learn
in a variety of situations
for maximum effectiveness.

During the Bootcamp,
you will learn The Basic Form of the ACT Matrix.

This form will open you to the exciting and peaceful world of creativity associated with psychological flexibility.


What are the Benefits of

Learning The Basic Form?

  • It gives you a ready, relaxed, and respectful stance that can be applied whenever needed.
  • It allows you to build trust and cooperation with individuals and groups quickly.
  • You learn how to apply less effort and increase opportunities for sustainable change.
  • You will experience freedom from the tyranny of the "should" ('I should have the answers, be doing x or y, etc.)
  • The Basic Form reduces conflicts as it leads you and others on the path to peace.
  • It instantly adds flexibility to any confrontation.
  • It sets the context for win-win situations and outcomes.
  • Through using it, you learn to redirect the "dark side" of language and cognition.
  • You learn how to accept people where and as they are without getting caught in invitations to change, manipulate, or coerce others.

The Virtual ACT Matrix Bootcamp Includes:

  • Access to 16 live sessions over four days.

  • Access to 3 optional practice sessions. 

  • Access to the course in the  ACT Matrix Academy

  • Certification Testing (Yes, you could be certified in facilitating the ACT Matrix at the end of this Bootcamp. Certification is not necessary to begin using the ACT Matrix right away, but some find the distinction beneficial). 



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