How to Do Life Coaching with The ACT Matrix:
  Workbook and Training

Click Here to Watch Our Student, Monica Peters (BCBA), Share Her Experience and Success with Using Life Coaching Protocol to Pivot from Traditional ABA in Group Homes to Coaching with Any Consumer to Create Change in Their Own Lives.
Life Coaching with The ACT Matrix is different from other, traditional approaches to coaching, and we find it to be a more peaceful, simple, and sustainable approach. 
Through our training, course, and workbook, we equip coaches with a non-judgmental and non-coercive approach to helping clients overcome internal barriers, solve external obstacles, activate intrinsic motivation, and achieve their life purpose. 
As a Matrix Coach, you are inviting clients into a process of approaching a life purpose by increasing psychological flexibility, setting the context for new behaviors, and prompting them to experiment with different behaviors to notice their consequences by discriminating between five-senses experiencing and mental experiencing. 

Traditional Life Coaching includes setting a specific plan with a client and then taking on the daunting task of motivating clients to follow through with the steps identified in the plan. 

Coaching with The ACT Matrix relieves you of the burden of being the task master and motivator so that both you and your clients can have a sustainable flow for achieving life purpose. 

How to Do Life Coaching with The ACT Matrix: Digital Download Workbook Only


  • 18 pages of content, checklists, and worksheets
  • Bonus content not included in the original chapter (including Time Sucking Stuck Loops and The Hero's Journey)
  • Downloadable PDF that can be duplicated for each coaching client, no need to purchase multiple copies
  • Compatible with Notability, PDF Viewers, Good Notes, and other PDF apps for simple screen sharing with coaching clients

How to Do Life Coaching with The ACT Matrix: Workbook + 6 Hour On-Demand Course


  • The 18 page How To Do Life Coaching with The ACT Matrix Workbook
  • Self-Paced, 6+ Hour On Demand Course 
  • 4 Zoom Meetings with Kevin, Phil, and Tina (Tuesdays at 4:00 pm EST)

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