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How To Write Event and Workshop Titles to Increase Registration and Attendance

May 09, 2022

At The ACT Matrix Academy, the Matrix is our business, but we also use it for business and marketing coaching. 

In today's workshop, we shared our process for writing titles that compel people to click on them. 

The only purpose of your title is to compel the reader to click on the link and register for your workshop.

We know that people pay for pain relief, so your title should include words that speak to the pain points of your audience.

This isn't necessarily physical pain - just the experiences or activities or items that are yucky for your audience, the things they'd work hard (and maybe pay money) to get away from. 

In Matrix talk, you are positioning yourself - along with your service and/or products - in their upper left. 

You are their yucky stuff relief move. 

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How to Do Your To-Do List with The ACT Matrix

May 03, 2022

The ACT Matrix way of doing your to-do list guarantees that you're going to get it done because you're simply going to notice if you do it or don't do it. Then, you're going to learn something either way.

In the lower right, write your approach list - the things you want to get done ( (take care of honeybees, talk to your partner). In the lower left, write your avoid list - the things you want to avoid (eating chocolate cake for breakfast, scrolling YouTube at bedtime).

Then, notice what you did or didn't do, and if it's working to get you to the life you want.

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How Do You Find Intrinsic Motivation?

Apr 30, 2022

There's a whole lot of messages coming at us from the world. How do you find intrinsic motivation with all of those messages? There's too many. We find it workable to sort them out and then let your intrinsic motivation come through.

The Philosophy of intrinsic motivation is functional contextualism.

The Science is relational frame theory.

The practice is as simple as getting the matrix diagram out, clearly stating who and what's important to you, noticing the stuff coming in through your five senses, and sorting.

Wash, rinse, repeat, repeat, repeat. 

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Noticing Stuck Loops and Time Sucks to Pivot for Purpose

Mar 22, 2022

Using The ACT Matrix Point of View for Life Coaching sets up for noticing stuck loops and time sucks to help folks pivot to actions in the service of their life purpose.

Here’s what we mean: Our point of view starts with two lines, one vertical, and one horizontal, to form a diagram with four quadrants. Our five senses experiencing sits at the top, and our mental experiencing at the bottom, with satisfaction behaviors to the right and relief behaviors to the left.

In the lower right quadrant we ask, “Who is important to you,” and when doing life coaching we add, “What is your life purpose?” We at The ACT Matrix Academy show up for world peace, psychological flexibility, psychological safety, and coaching. You may notice other important people or life purpose. Write that in the lower right.

Next we move to the lower left quadrant and ask, “What shows up and gets in the way of life purpose?” This is the yucky stuff. We write down things like...

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The Human Cost of Turnover

Jan 03, 2022
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How to Be a Confident Corporate HR Crisis Management Consultant

Jan 03, 2022

The work you are doing is vitally important. Each workplace is profound; each job has meaning; each person has great worth. We all seek or hold on to our reason for being, and we wage that struggle at work.

Thus, in each workplace, you enter a landscape of epic battles. Good versus evil, right versus wrong, the powerful versus the weak. When encountering these age-old conflicts, it’s tempting to enter with your sword raised high. But, you’re afraid, and you must have your best weapon at the ready. 

Our collective experience has taught us to lay our sabers down. Instead, we enter with kindness and respect for the good and even great work we witness, and we are humbled.

However, we are not meek like a mouse. That would not honor the people and the great work they are doing. On the contrary, there is strength in our kindness; our respect has infinite power. And still, we must be humble with our strength and power. We are not flashy, flamboyant, or flippant. We are...

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How To Be A Room Whisperer

Nov 14, 2021

Recall a strong, competent, and loving mother or father. On the one hand, they are in control of the situation, and on the other benevolent and allowing you to find your way. In politics, they would be called benevolent dictators. This controlling and, at the same time, kind and loving stance is summed up nicely in the words of Buck, the Horse Whisperer, “Be firm in what you do, and gentle in how you do it.”

This stance is wonderfully effective when it comes to controlling a room. You stride in with confidence while saying well-practiced words that simultaneously take control and soothe the people in the room. Even the most recalcitrant person settles in and listens to your every word. For the first several minutes, you take the people (or just one person) on a hero’s journey, and at the end of that journey, they create their doable Bold Moves and feel satisfied. 

This “magic” lies within the Hero’s Journey. Such journeys begin with a dream....

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Matrix Talk: Intermediate: Sorting, Verbal Aikido, and Horse Whispering Through the Pandemic

Apr 22, 2020
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Matrix Talk: How “They” Can Take Advantage of Collective PTSD and Gaslight Us

Apr 18, 2020
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Installing HoneyBee Packages into Apimae 7-Frame Hives

Apr 17, 2020

Just for the fun of it, Dr. Polk doing beekeeping.

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