Sorting Silverware and Sorting Into the ACT Matrix

Aug 05, 2018

Sorting is the powerful change process when doing the ACT Matrix.

Imagine if someone asked you to sort silverware into the silverware drawer. You would quickly sort knives, forks, and spoons into their places. You are familiar with sorting into silverware drawers.

When you first encounter the ACT Matrix, you don't know where to sort things, but that soon changes.

You learn that people who are important to you get "sorted" into the lower right quadrant.

Then you learn that the stuff that can show up inside of you, like fear, is sorted into the lower left.

Next, you learn that behaviors you do to lessen stuff like fear, anxiety, and anger get sorted into the upper left.

And finally, you learn the behaviors you do to move toward who's important to you get sorted into the upper right.

In just a short while the four quadrants of the ACT Matrix become a silverware drawer for your life experiences.

Now, anytime and anywhere you can ask, "Where does this thing I'm doing now go? In...

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How To Inspire Others and Be A Respected Leader

Jun 20, 2018

We take a look at inspiring action and being respected by using the nonjudgmental questions of the ProSocial Matrix.

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Reinventing Organizations and Unleashing the Power of Your Team

Jun 18, 2018

A webinar presented by Donna Read and Phil Tenaglia. 

Phil and Donna are both Mastermind students.

To join Dr. Polk's Mastermind, schedule a time:

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How To Make A Good Living Doing Business Consulting With The ProSocial Matrix

Apr 27, 2018

A webinar about how to do business consulting with the ProSocial Matrix.

Using Loop 1 as a warmup.

Using Loop 2 for aligning on shared purposes.

How to set up an inbound marketing system. 

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Balancing the "Me" and the "We" Matrix

Apr 13, 2018

Balancing who's important to you with shared purposes that you have with others can be tricky.

This webinar show you how to work that process.

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Developing High Performing Teams with the ProSocial Matrix

Feb 23, 2018

A recording of a webinar conducting by two of my ProSocial business consulting students, Donna Read and Phil Tenaglia.

They combine the ProSocial Matrix with other evidenced-based consulting.

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Five Dysfunctions of a Team

Jan 18, 2018

Phil Tenaglia and Donna Read, both ProSocial Business Consulting students, present a dynamite webinar.

To join the ProSocial Business Consulting mastermind, click here:

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Ditch The Resolutions

Jan 12, 2018

A webinar recording by two ProSocial Business Consulting students, Julie Beaulac, Ph.D. and Donna Read.

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Jan 11, 2018

A video about sorting into the matrix.

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Away Loops

Jan 09, 2018
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