“We Help You Reach Your Dreams by Using What You Already Know to Build a Profitable and Sustainable Online Information Business.”

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Psychological Flexibility Applied to Your Online Business Success!

You work with us live during Mastermind Classes in Zoom. We help you

  1. define your dream,
  2. find your audience,
  3. set up your Crowdcast channel,
  4. and then monetize it.

The ultimate goal is for you to wake up and notice money in your account from a couple of overnight sales.

Our Basic Business Matrix training is free. You get access to the course we use to train others in the basic skills you need to build or boost your business.

Welcome To The Matrix Academy!

I'm Dr. Kevin Polk, and I founded the Academy. Phil Tenaglia and I work together as "Sensei" (teachers). We both have a background in Japanese Martial Arts. Phil in Aikido and me in Karate-do. We often refer to our trainings as dojo work.

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Your Online Business Sensei

Phil Tenaglia, MA