How 4 Questions Can Lead To Less Struggling and More Valued Living

The ACT Matrix is easy to learn and you start struggling less right away. You quickly learn what works for valued liv...

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How To Do Awesome Team Building With 4 More Questions. The ProSocial Matrix

Get your team moving with a passionate and dynamic sense of purpose while almost instantly decreasing team turmoil....

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The ACT Matrix is a Simple Tool For Dealing With Your Fears and Moving Toward Who and What's Important to You.

Acceptance and Commitment Training/Therapy (ACT) is an an evidenced-based way of helping people let go of struggling with fear and get moving toward valued living. "Traditional" ACT is complicated and hard to learn. The ACT Matrix is easy.

The "Matrix" is a 2x2 grid (or matrix) that is formed by crossing two lines. You can see a picture of it on this page. The matrix is a diagram for 'doing' ACT. You look at the diagram and answer four very simple questions. Then you sort your answers onto the matrix. And then your life opens up. What you need to do for who and what's important becomes clear to you. The stuff that has been showing up and getting in the way has much less power over you. Then you start doing more for others and yourself. While this may sound like magic, it's based on the latest cognitive and behavioral science. 

The ProSocial Matrix Continues the ACT Matrix

The ProSocial Matrix is used with two or more people.

The couple or group answers four additional simple questions and sorts the answers onto the 2x2 matrix. In doing so the couple or group gains what is known as psychological safety. With increased psychological safety they can more easily move toward shared purposes while positively dealing with interpersonal obstacles.