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In-Person Training and Consultation

Dr. Polk will come to your organization and give your employees hands-on training using the ProSocial Matrix as a powerful communication tool. All participants come away knowing how to use the ProSocial Matrix right away. You will almost instantly notice improvements in your business. Email [email protected]

ACT Matrix Training

Learn ACT the easy way with the ACT Matrix. [All elements of ACT are implicit in Matrix work.] Using easy-to-understand terms Dr. Polk explains the philosophy and theory at the heart of ACT.

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Working With Trauma Memories

Learn how to effectively work with trauma memories using the ACT Matrix. Experience this no-burnout method for changing relationships with trauma memories and getting back to living the life you want to remember.

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Business Communications (ProSocial Matrix) Training

Learn how to quickly and effectively solve your business communication problems by engaging people with the ProSocial Matrix. Dr. Polk is a highly trained mediator and business communication expert. Literally any business communication problem from team building to conflict resolution can be addressed with the ProSocial Matrix.

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ACT and ProSocial Matrix Workshop Handouts

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These are popular handouts from Dr. Polk's online and in-person ACT workshops.

Psychological Flexibility and Safety Information in no particular order.

  1. The original "ACT Matrix" is focused on an individual's Psychological Flexibility.
  2. The ProSocial Matrix is focused on increasing Psychological Safety in two or more people who have a shared purpose.
  3. To understand matrix, do the matrix. Draw it, label it and ask the questions. Otherwise it would be like trying to understand bicycle riding without having ever ridden a bicycle.
  4. To understand psychological safety do the prosocial matrix with two or more people. I guess that's like understanding a bicycle built for two (or more).
  5. The ACT Matrix is a tool to help you increase psychological flexibility and find behaviors that work for the life you want to remember.
  6. The ProSocial Matrix is a tool to help two or more people increase psychological safety and find behaviors that work for their shared purposes.
  7. The workability question is, "Is this working for the life I want to remember?"
  8. "The life you want to remember" question is based on interviews with people who are dying. Over nine out of ten say they wished they had spent more time with loved ones.
  9. The workability question applies to both the ACT and ProSocial Matrix.
  10. The Matrix is a diagram of a point of view, or flexible perspective on being human. Your senses are at the top of a vertical line, with your mind at the bottom of that vertical line. Behaviors you do to get a sense of accomplishment are at the right of the horizontal line. Behaviors you do to get a sense of relief are at the left of the horizontal line.
  11. When helping others with either matrix, you show them where things go in the matrix, and then you respectfully invite them to sort their experiences into those places.
  12. You can't sort another person's experience. You can guess how to sort it, but it's only a guess.
  13. Sorting gets at workability. The sorting does not need to be accurate. (This means letting go of right and wrong, and that's tough.)
  14. The matrix is too simple. At least that's what your mind will tell you. Minds like complexity. Let your mind chatter and do the matrix anyway; it works!
  15. "The Matrix" was originally called "The Grid," but a friend said "The Matrix had Keanu Reeves sexy attached to it." The name stuck.
  16. The ACT Matrix (the Me Matrix) is for increasing psychological flexibility and analyzing your behaviors for workability. (Loop 1)
  17. The ProSocial Matrix (the We Matrix) is for increasing psychological safety and analyzing two or more people's behaviors for workability. (Loop 2)
  18. Workability surrounds the matrix. Anything you are doing, inside or out, either works or does not work for the life you want to remember.

  19. Both Away and Toward behaviors can be workable.

  20. Away behaviors decrease or get rid of uncomfortable feelings like fear and pain. They DO NOT move one away from values or shared purposes.

  21. Toward behaviors move one toward who and what's important. They may, or may not work, for the life you want to remember.

  22. Draw the matrix for yourself to learn the labels and the questions, then ask yourself the questions.
  23. Start showing the matrix to others. Show them the labels and the questions. Explore with them how they would sort things that they are doing into the matrix.

  24. The Matrix is collaborative, NOT authoritarian. That is, you don't tell other people where to sort, you respectfully invite them to sort.

  25. The Matrix is about curiosity. What we humans do and experience is interesting. Ask, "Wow, that's cool! Where do you think that goes here on the matrix?"

  26. If you are starting a "mindfulness" presentation, then start with the five senses.

  27. If you are starting any other presentation, then start with the, "Who's important to you?" question.

  28. If you are starting a ProSocial (We Matrix) presentation, then you can begin with Loop 2, "What's your shared purpose?" However, if you have time, do both Loops 1 and 2.

  29. Ask others where they would place their answers on the matrix. You can remind them that senses go on top, mind stuff at the bottom, things you want to achieve to the right, and stuff you want relief from to the left. Do this sparingly, however.

  30. You will catch yourself sorting people's answers to questions onto the matrix. When you do, apologize and ask them where they would like to sort their response onto the matrix.

  31. DO NOT say stuff like, "What you are doing is an away move. You need to stop doing that." For starters, you just sorted for the person; sorting for others does not work. Second, you just told the person what to do. The matrix is about asking and collaborating with people where they think their experiences and behaviors might be sorted onto the matrix. Don't tell them where things go and that they need to do or not do something.

  32. The Matrix started as a Trauma Memory Sorting Game.

  33. The Matrix is two discrimination tasks. D1: Notice the difference between your sensory and mental experiencing. D2: Notice the difference between how it feels to achieve versus how it feels to get relief.

  34. Doing the two discrimination tasks increases creativity. [It actually increases the probability of Derived Relational Responding by increasing Psychological Flexibility.] Let's just stick with creativity.
  35. The four questions in the four quadrants help with the two discrimination tasks.

  36. Have fun with the Matrix. "Life is WAY too serious to be taken that seriously." (Spoken by a 3-tour Vietnam Combat Vet.)

  37. After you do lots of Toward and Away noticing, you will notice that balancing your Senses and Mental experiencing is more essential.
  38. The Matrix gets us to an efficient way of being that works for the life we want to remember.
  39. That Being is a healthy mix of sensory and mental experiencing.
  40. Due to language, most humans tend to be stuck in their heads and not paying enough attention to sensory experiencing. 
  41. For the most part, you need to pay more attention to your sensory experiencing and let your mind go. Your mind will just keep chattering along while you enjoy the scenery.

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Phil Tenaglia (Philadelphia)

"Whether you are a helper, educator or business/ organizational professional,
Dr. Polk's fabulous training and website will provide you with effective
and powerful tools to get you where you want to go.

I have worked and trained with Kevin for many years. Kevin always over-delivers. He's always there for consultation and guidance. The matrix allows me to "make a difference" each day on a personal and professional level.

I have gone on to train individuals and groups of all ages and witnessed the power of the ACT Matrix to change lives and relationships.

Do yourself and those you serve a favor and enroll in the ACT Matrix Academy. It is a beautiful, empowering gift you can give to yourself and others.”

Phil Tenaglia
School Psychologist
Family Therapist
ProSocial Matrix Trainer

Donna Read (Denver)

“I’ve been using the ACT Matrix created by Dr. Polk for at least five years now as part of my clinical and consulting practices and am adept at using the Matrix. The Matrix is a flexible and deceptively simple tool that can be used in pretty much every situation where people want to move toward their goals in spite of the stuff holding them back. As a member of the ProSocial Matrix Professional Development Program, I have deepened and broadened my skills and become part of a vibrant, supportive community working diligently to bring the Matrix into the world. In addition, being part of our Matrix tribe has increased my focus, productivity, and given me a strong belief in my ability to make a difference wherever I use it.   

As for you, joining the Matrix Professional Development Program will provide you with the benefits of having Dr. Polk as a mentor and precious resource as well as of membership in a vibrant, supportive community of professionals working together to bring society to a higher level of consciousness. You can only gain by joining our program.”

Donna C. Read, MA, CCTP, CCP

Consultant/Coach/ Psychotherapist
Doctoral Candidate, Leadership and Organizational/Personal Transformation
ProSocial/Matrix Professional Trainer

Cliff Jekel (D.C.)

"When I first enrolled in the ACT Matrix Academy I considered myself a student. As a lifelong learner I am always interested in expanding my horizons.

But as time has gone on, I am starting to feel more like a convert! The ACT Matrix is so flexible, so elegant, so powerful, and so relevant in almost every situation, that I am now using it as the context for all my coaching, consulting, and personal development work.

No matter what your personal or professional goals, I cannot imagine you won't be inspired and energized by developing a deep level of comfort and facility with the ACT Matrix. And I am confident there is no more direct way to do that than by committing yourself to the ACT Matrix Academy. For me it was one of the best moves I have made in a very long time."

Coach and ProSocial Matrix Trainer

Henry Whitfield (London)

Having weekly meetings with Kevin made me stop dreaming about Prosocial and had me start doing it.
Right now I am having such a profound meaningful time with an organisation that Kevin helped me get ready for. His flexibility even led to us have a meeting with one of the staff members at the organisation I am consulting with. I would recommend to anyone serious about doing Prosocial to join Kevin's Mastermind group.
The possibilities for Prosocial work are endless and organisations are so delighted to have the opportunity to evolve.

Photo attached.

Did you ever get around to checking out my blog

All the best,

Henry Whitfield
ProSocial Matrix Trainer

More Information

The ACT Matrix is a tool for increasing psychological flexibility.

The ProSocial Matrix is and awesome tool for increasing workplace safety and resiliency.

In the The ProSocial Mastermind members learn how to make a good living while teaching the ProSocial Matrix to businesses and organizations around the world.

We learn how to get better and better at engaging businesses and organizations with the ProSocial Matrix.

You can join the ProSocial Mastermind by clicking below. There is only one low lifetime fee.

More About ProSocial Mastermind

On-Site Workshops

Drs. Polk travels the world doing On-Ground Workshops. These are usually two-day events.

[email protected]

Level 1: Introduction to the Matrix. You and your guests will learn how to set up the ACT Matrix and how to invite people to sort their life story and increase psychological flexibility.

Level 2: Going deeper. In this 2-day training participants will learn Verbal Aikido skills.
How to deal with difficult people.
Working with sticky words.

Level 3: Advanced--Using the ACT Matrix and Verbal Aikido to increase Psychological Safety with:
And More...

Participants will learn how to effectively use the ACT Matrix right away. Many past participants have effectively used the matrix when seeing clients that evening.

Email [email protected]

Workplace Training

Do you have a workplace that wants to reach for the stars?

Maybe you have a workplace that has been hurt by investigations that have left everyone distrustful and bitter?

Is your workplace struggling to be truly diverse and inclusive?

Let us come in and get your workers on track to maximum success. They will be working well together and loving that they do after just a few ProSocial Matrix meetings.

Dr. Polk will come to your workplace and do ProSocial Matrix training.

Level 1: We introduce one of your work groups to the ProSocial Matrix and how to define shared purposes and increase both worker morale and productivity.

Level 2: We show the workgroup how to use a skill called Verbal Aikido to solve difficult situations and prevent difficulties in the first place.

Level 3: We train you team how to train others in using the ProSocial Matrix.

Email [email protected]

Diversity Training in the Workplace

The ProSocial Matrix works with any human with language.

Far beyond teaching what diversity is, the ProSocial Matrix engages your diverse employees in a collaborative process that naturally respects all nationalities, ethnic backgrounds, religious beliefs, etc.

If you have been struggling with developing a truly diverse workforce, let us come train your staff in the ProSocial Matrix. 

Level 1: We introduce your diverse workgroup to the ProSocial Matrix and show them how to develop dynamic shared purposes within the context of diversity.

Level 2: We show your diverse workgroup how to work through difficult issues using the ProSocial matrix and a skill called Verbal Aikido.

Level 3: We show a group of diverse employees how to train other workgroups in using the ProSocial Matrix and Verbal Aikido. 

Email [email protected]

The ACT Matrix is a Simple Tool For Finding Meaning And Purpose In All Walks Of Life.

Acceptance and Commitment Training/Therapy (ACT) is an an evidenced-based way of helping you let go of struggling and get moving toward valued living. The ACT Matrix is easy to learn, yet infinite in meaning.

The "Matrix" is a 2 x 2 grid (or matrix) that is formed by crossing two lines.

You can see a picture of it on this page. The matrix is a diagram for engaging people in the ACT process. You look at the diagram and answer four very simple questions. Then you sort your answers onto the matrix.

What you need to do for who and what's important becomes clear to you.

The stuff that has been showing up and getting in the way has much less power over you. You quickly start learning how to add meaning to your life.

Engaging people in the ACT process with the matrix is very different that teaching them about ACT. After only a minute or two with the matrix people begin learning how see their lives from a flexible point of view. With this point of view people can quickly learn how to move in valued directions, even while they are having fear, pain or other unpleasant feelings.

Think of the ACT Matrix as shooting baskets by yourself. You focus on your senses for successful shooting.

You also focus on your mind and let go of the fear of missing and such.

You learn how to move toward making baskets.

You learn how to effectively move away from uncomfortable stuff that gets in the way of making baskets.

The ACT Matrix

The ProSocial Matrix Tool Continues the ACT Matrix

The ProSocial Matrix is used with workgroups of two or more people.

The couple or group answers four additional simple questions and sorts the answers onto the 2x2 matrix. They gain what is known as psychological safety. With increased psychological safety they can more easily move toward shared purposes while positively dealing with interpersonal obstacles. 

With the ProSocial Matrix you have progressed from shooting baskets alone to working as a team. 

Far beyond just winning the team focuses on camaraderie, sharing, building each other up and more. 

More than anything they focus on, in the words of Bobby Knight, "The willingness to prepare to win."

The ProSocial Matrix

How To Fix A Broken Team