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Certification isn't necessary to use The ACT and ProSocial Matrix Processes. Any human with language could show The ACT or ProSocial Matrix to themselves or another human with language. Some coaches, teachers, entrepreneurs, and clinicians have found certification beneficial for their purposes.

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This book will facilitate you through the steps you need to take to apply a highly effective process to executive coaching and crisis management. After you learn this process, you can use it at the drop of a hat, with anyone, at any time, and in any place. After completing this book and doing the necessary practice, you will say with confidence, “I’m an executive coaching and crisis management expert.”

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Buy Our New Psychological Flexibility Workbook: Matrix Mind Stretch! 

This activity book is an innovative, engaging, and interactive approach to promoting psychological flexibility. Animated characters introduce readers to the Flex Folks with a loop around the basic form of The ACT Matrix. Ideal for all ages, and the perfect tool for engaging students, families, and groups in a process for mindfulness, social emotional learning, and executive functioning skills.

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The Story of Joy, Bold Moves Executive Coach and Crisis Manager

Joy dreamed of bringing a feminine view to the male-dominated world of executives through coaching. She could see it was a fast way of getting to the top and influencing business management for the better. She would need training and mentoring, and she sought out such training with what looked to be a reputable company, and it was. However, the company’s coaching program was steeped in old-world, male-dominated ideas. Further, the training was very long on information, but very short on applying that information. 

Joy studied hard and fully participated with her coach mentor. On the one hand, the information seemed promising, but in the back of her mind was a growing sense of imposter syndrome; that she would get in an executive coaching or crisis management situation, and her lack of skills would be apparent. Sadly, Joy was right. Her executive coaching and crisis management training was full of questionable theoretical notions about executives that would be difficult for anyone to turn into practice. When she did manage to find some people to do coaching with, her head would spin with ideas about what she might do that got in the way of her doing what was needed. 

The fact is, while most of the techniques that Joy had learned might be usable in some settings, she did not have a process that would work in all environments. During her coaching sessions, her imposter syndrome grew and grew. Most of her clients only lasted a session or two before moving on. She had never gotten up the nerve to do any crisis intervention work because she was sure her lack of skills would indeed show up if she tried. 

Like others, Joy eventually found The ACT Matrix Academy and Bold Moves Executive Coaching and Crisis Management Training. She learned the universal process, and after practice, her imposter syndrome almost disappeared. (Even the most expert Bold Move coaches retain a touch of imposter syndrome. It comes with the business.) Now she uses a universally applicable process to “see” what technique would be helpful. Further, she can tweak any strategy and find workability using the universal process.

Joy is now a successful executive coach and crisis manager who confidently strides into any organizational situation and knows just what to do. She is firm in what she does and gentle in how she does it. 

Now she is bringing highly effective feminine qualities to organizational management worldwide.

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Psychological Flexibility Training, Resilience Coaching, PTSD Prevention, and Crisis Management

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Through our dynamic, interactive, and supportive training program, you will gain the knowledge, skills, experience, and supervision to practice and facilitate psychological flexibility for resilience, PTSD prevention, executive coaching, and crisis management. 

We provide an internationally acclaimed program that provides you with comprehensive and well-supported training enhanced by a continuous and customized mentoring experience.

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