Psychological Flexibility Training, Resilience Coaching,
PTSD Prevention,
and Crisis Management

Presented by The ACT Matrix Academy

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Through our dynamic, interactive, and supportive training program, you will gain the knowledge, skills, experience, and supervision to practice and facilitate psychological flexibility for resilience, PTSD prevention, executive coaching, and crisis management. 

We provide an internationally acclaimed program that provides you with comprehensive and well-supported training enhanced by a continuous and customized mentoring experience.

We coach people in a sustainable and workable process for resilient living. 

Resilience is about getting up when you fall down to overcome adversity and face new obstacles along the way. 

Resilience coaching with The Matrix process leads to greater resilience in both the coach and the student to create outcomes beyond the coaching sessions. This can be a factor in preventing PTSD, especially when coaches and students are often placed in high stress situations that might include trauma experiences. 

Coaching for resilience is like teaching children to read. We start teaching reading skills at a very young age (like when we read books to infants) and we continue this instruction through preschool and grade school. Around 3rd or 4th grade, students transition from "learning to read" to "reading to learn." We build the skills before they are needed in life. Can you imagine what might happen if we skipped the reading instruction and just threw a history book at a 4th grader and expected them to learn history?

Coaching for resilience can be viewed in a similar way: we can coach to build skills for resilience before they're needed. 

This starts with psychological flexibility training, then, after a couple of years, people begin to flex in order to live the life they want. 

Learning The Matrix is like learning to read yourself while developing psychological flexibility. Then, you flex in living, building strength and resilience in yourself from scenario to scenario. Building strength and resilience from scenario to scenario allows you to learn from each experience and turn that learning into workable moves for the next client or crisis. 

Crisis Management 

You will develop the ability to go into a team in crisis and soothe them. 
Then, after you take the pressure off and they get relief, 
you walk the group through creating their solutions 
out of their troubles and into workability.

Said another way: You will have the skill set
to take a group from crisis mode

aha moments with 
bursts of ecstatic wonder. 

[From Oh Shit! to Ah-Ha!]

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The World as We Know It Has Shifted

Leaders, businesses, and organizations are looking for ways to navigate our rough waters. They are looking for quick fixes, toe holds, anything to keep above water and stay afloat. 

We think that they are missing the boat. The old ways no longer apply. Resilience will not be found in acquiring more data, conducting analysis, improving algorithms, etc., all of which inevitably lead to increased levels of inadequacy and frustration.

What leaders and those they serve require is the ability to discern who and what is important to them. They need to develop the capacity to overcome the obstacles and challenges they face while bringing out the best in others and themselves. Gathering more data, sending out surveys, and conducting assessments is not going to get the job done.

We believe we are entering what we call the Age of Process. A process is something that can be applied in any situation. Here at TAMA, we teach and train a process that does just that.

Our comprehensive and unique approach addresses the physical, mental, social, and spiritual needs of individuals and groups. 

It absolutely brings people together while keeping the bottom line firmly in sight.

We created our program to give you the skills you need to harness this process and establish yourself as a recognized leader in trauma-informed care for resilience and crisis management. 

It is an empowering program that will allow you to offer those you serve the keys to living a vital and valued life.

Any process that can do that is worth, well.............what do you think?

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Instructors and Mentors

Kevin Polk, Ph.D., Phil Tenaglia, M.A, and Tina Long, M.Ed.

  • You will be working with Kevin, Phil, and Tina. We will not pass you off to someone you do not know.
  • We have produced over 1,000 webinars and Crowdcasts.
  • We have a robust social media presence, including LinkedIn.
  • We have conducted thousands of psychological flexibility trainings for resilience, PTSD prevention, group coaching, and crisis management with over a combined 85 years of experience.
  • We love what we do.
  • We have published seven books and many more articles.
  • We are light-hearted and funny in our approach to being gentle in what we do and firm in how we do it.
  • We love efficiency.
  • We routinely make Bold Moves.

What Our Students Say

"Although the sessions, and when we meet and talk, they seem kind of light and jovial........almost...funny in a way. The insights that I'm left with...are just mind blowing." 

"There is a simplicity in this process and yet there's this depth......and it's incredible......when you really think about what we're talking about and think about what the implications could be pretty easy to miss." 

"What I like most about understanding that I'm really not responsible for any outcomes. Whenever you're a coach......people want you to fix things, right? It creates a certain dynamic....that they're ready to challenge you. This scrambles people and they have to start rethinking about what's going on." 

"It's like going from black and white to color TV....and then you're going to put on those 3D glasses."

"It's about stepping back and watching the process work."

"The relationships that I've developed with both of you. And, you know, I am not afraid to ask questions, or, you know, come to you with (my plans)."

"I really do believe that I have made a difference in the lives of others by introducing them to the ACT Matrix."

"Reflective practice around different ways of doing things, not being stuck in a rut or a mundane way of delivering things. Improved confidence, reflective practice, improved practice, and enjoying the work that I do, which I think is most important because feeling comfortable about what I'm doing, and getting more work through the different channels keeping the channel open."

"So my experience has been fun. Because even just the laughter is one of the things that I know, every week, that we're going to have a laugh. So that's always good in terms of the learning."

"I have learned so much on so many different levels.....especially from the Crowdcasts, and setting those up, and delivering those and enjoying them while also getting work out of them." 

"Not only have I grown as an individual, but actually the work that I've done and the way that I do work has grown." 

"The element of fun, the element of the unexpected, because you never know what we're going to end up talking about." 

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