Putting "Scrooge" to the Matrix

The ACT Matrix is the Swiss Army Knife for analyzing people, inlcuding Scrooge!

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Putting Scrooge to the Matrix

First, let's take a look at the basic matrix...

As you can see, the Matrix is very simple. You can draw it in less than a minute. Next we'll add names to the four quadrants framed up by the matrix.

Then we'll analyze our old friend Ebenezer.


Lower Right: Who and What's Important?

Who's important to Ebenezer?

We write who's important into the lower right quadrant. Who is important to Ebenezer Scrooge? Does "Who's Important" to him change as the play progresses?

Just for fun, think about who's important to you.


What's Important to Scrooge?

Stuff like work, hobbies and education also go in the lower right part of the matrix too. At the beginning of the play Scrooge is very focused on what's important to him. Can you see a problem with valuing "what" more than "who"?

While you are here... What's important to you?


Yucky Stuff That Can Show Up and Get in the Way

Inside of all humans

there are thoughts, feelings, urges and more. Sometimes, instead of helping us move toward who's important to us, this "stuff" can show up and get in the way.

Stuff like fear, pain, frustration and more can stop us in our tracks.

Can you recall what was showing up inside of Scrooge and getting in his way?

Do you have stuff that shows up inside of you and gets in the way of moving toward who's important to you?

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Away Moves Go In the Upper Left

Yucky stuff feels bad

and we do behaviors to get away from the yucky stuff. An away move can be as simple as shifting in your chair because your butt hurts; when you shift you get relief from pain. Of course we can also avoid fear by avoiding events. We also might yell at people to get away from anger and frustration.

Can you think of any away moves that Mr. Scrooge was doing? (Especially during the early part of the play.)

Is Scrooge protecting himself from others or himself?

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Stuck Loops

Scrooge is Stuck

At least he's stuck in the early scenes of the play. That's a problem that can happen with Away Moves. We do one, get some relief, then the yucky feelings come back, so we do more "away" to find relief again.

To the right is one of Scrooge's "Fear/Hostility" stuck loops. Can you identify more of Scrooge's "Stuck Loops"?

Everyone has one or more stuck loops. Not  as bad as Ebenezer's, but sticky nonetheless. Do you have any stuck loops?

Scrooge Learns Toward Moves

Toward moves

go in the upper right of the matrix. Toward moves can add deep meaning to your life. They certainly start adding deep meaning to Mr. Scrooge's life toward the end of the play.

Thinking about Mr. Scrooge... What kind of toward moves did he make toward the end of the play?

Thinking about yourself... What kind of toward moves might start adding deep meaning to your life this Holiday Season?


Breaking Out of Stuck Loops

Mr. Scrooge goes from very

stuck to very flexible through the story. Of course Scrooge gets jolted out of stuck loops by three ghosts in a single night! 

For the rest of us who aren't visited by helpful ghosts, we can start spending a little less time on away moves and a little more time on toward moves, building on that progress every day. Pretty soon we are living a valued life.

No matter how we get to living more of life on the toward side, whether it be by ghosts or otherwise, the toward side is well worth the effort.

[Below you see the ghosts, plus Mr. Fezziwig.]


It's All About Time

Scrooge goes from spending

almost all of his time doing away moves to spending much of his time doing toward moves.

Said another way, out of a 24-hour day we can imagine Scrooge spending 80% of his time doing away moves at the beginning of the story.

He was cool with that balance (or lack of balance) until the ghosts come along and show him what's he's missing (Mr. Fezziwig?) and what his life will ultimately stand for.

How's your daily balance between away and toward moves? You can learn a lot by noticing that balance.


A Little Holiday Gift for Your Future Self

Mr. Scrooge teaches us

every Holiday season. He reminds us to wake up to the wonder before us now. To value who's important to us and be kind and generous to them. The deep satisfaction of moving toward our fellow humans is renewed.

Scrooge reminds us that by giving to others we are giving to our future selves. A true win-win.

In the story the ghost of Christmas Future shows Ebenezer a rather bleak tombstone. Dicken's is telling us that day by day with each action we take we are writing our final words on our tombstone.

Let's hope we all end up like the Scrooge at the end of the story. The world could use it.

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Happy Holidays!

May your toward and away moves

balance out just right for a happy and joyous Holiday Season AND for the rest of your life.

Be Well!


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