How to Use the ACT Matrix
Social Emotional Learning

The ACT Matrix is a visual representation of the cognitive behavioral approach to values-based behaviors known as Acceptance and Commitment Training (ACT). The Matrix was designed by Dr. Kevin Polk to quickly engage people in a process that builds psychological flexibility, which is a cornerstone of good mental health. This evidence-based, mindful approach “loosens up” stuck and struggling learners by empowering them to move toward resilience and persistence in the face of obstacles and challenges.

The ACT Matrix walks students through a process of identifying values, regulating emotionally challenging experiences, and achieving greater satisfaction and success academically and socially. It can be used at all grade levels (K-12) for:

  • developing social-emotional skills such as self-awareness, self-monitoring, self-regulation, social awareness, and goal-directed behavior
  • establishing a positive classroom and school climate and culture of caring, respect, and personal responsibility
  • increasing engagement and on-task behavior
  • positive behavior support and intervention
  • strengthening classroom management
  • improving problem-solving skills and student achievement
  • promoting effective collaboration
  • establishing a shared point of view and language that fosters cooperation among students, staff, and administration

Matrix Mind Stretch! with The Flex Folks

The ACT Matrix Academy presents Mind Stretch! - an innovative, engaging, and interactive approach to promoting psychological flexibility. Animated characters (the Flex Facilitators) introduce readers to the Flex Folks (like the Who's Important Owl) and a loop around the basic form of The ACT Matrix. Ideal for all ages, and the perfect tool for engaging students, families, and groups in a process for mindfulness, social emotional learning, and executive functioning skills.

Created by Tina Long, M.Ed.

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The ACT Matrix: A Mindful Process for SEL, Mental Health, Collaboration, and Achievement

A 6 page, all in one, comprehensive guide to implementing the ACT Matrix across ages, populations, and environments. The ideal tool for teachers, administrators, parents, and coaches. 

Created by Phil Tenaglia, MA, School Psychologist

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Promoting Psychological Safety for Social-Emotional Learning with The ACT Matrix

Created by Phil Tenaglia, MA, School Psychologist

Click Here to Download the Psychological Safety Guide

How to Debrief Crisis Situations with School Staff: A Field Guide with The ACT Matrix

Created by Phil Tenaglia, MA, School Psychologist, with Dr. Kevin Polk, PhD.

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The ACT and ProSocial Matrix for School Mental Health

Created by Phil Tenaglia, MA, School Psychologist. with Dr. Kevin Polk.

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