Which ACT Matrix Training is For You?

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a. Life Coaching

Are you a Coach, Teacher, Tutor, Behaviorist, Counselor, or Clinician Who Wants to Help Individuals Activate Their Intrinsic Motivation and Up Their Game In Life?

Life Coaching with The ACT Matrix is different from other, traditional approaches to coaching, and we find it to be a more peaceful, simple, and sustainable approach. We offer a workbook, on-demand course, and mentoring.

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b. Business + Marketing

Are You an Entrepreneur Who Wants to Activate Your Creativity and Intrinsic Motivation to Transform Your Career and Life?

At The ACT Matrix Academy, the ACT Matrix is our business, but we also use it for our business coaching process. Using the diagram to sort out your experience as an entrepreneur can aide in activating your creativity, intrinsic motivation, and freedom.

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c. Certified Facilitator

Do you want accountability to move through training, mentoring, and feedback for sorting, and a credential to add to your tagline (plus a spot with your contact information on our Certified Facilitators website)?

Certification isn't necessary to use The ACT and ProSocial Matrix Processes. Any human with language could show The ACT or ProSocial Matrix to themselves or another human with language. Some coaches, entrepreneurs, and clinicians have found certification beneficial for their purposes. The total investment for this is $1,125.00, which can be paid on a flexible schedule that works for you. All purchases at The ACT Matrix Academy go towards the certification fee.
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d. Executive Coach

Do you want to work with groups and organizations to promote leadership, activate groups, and ignite collaboration?

We've written the book on Executive Coaching and Crisis Management and provide mentoring for executive coaches and crisis managers. 

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e. Crisis Manager

Do you want to work with groups and organizations to transform toxic teams, build team resilience, reduce lost time, and find relief from burnout?

Our Executive Coaching and Crisis Management book, training, and mentoring will equip you with the process to settle any room and bring the team back to a shared purpose and success. 

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f. SEL Coach

Do you want to elevate the social-emotional learning process in your classroom, school, home, or community? 

The ACT Matrix walks students through a process of identifying values, regulating emotionally challenging experiences, and achieving greater satisfaction and success academically and socially. It can be used at all grade levels (K-12) and across learning levels.

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